Environmental Problems in an Urbanizing World: Finding Solutions in Cities …

Most of the world’s urban population and most of the large and rapidly growing cities are in developing countries. Often poorly governed, their conditions produce millions of preventable deaths and extensive disease. This book describes these cities’ environmental problems and how they affect health, local ecosystems and global cycles. It analyses the causes: the failure […]

How to Live Off-Grid

Off-grid: a place, building or person without mains water or power. Static or mobile – in a house or a hut, a boat or a camper van – to live off-grid is all about loosending the ties that bind us to teh fmailiar world of commuting, mortgages, no time and fast food, in order to […]

Beyond Mothering Earth: Ecological Citizenship and the Politics of Care

Beyond Mothering Earth Women’s environmental activism is often described in maternalistic terhms, as if motherhood and caring for the environment go hand in hand. While feminists celebrate this connection, all those who care for people and environments are facing increasing burdens and decreasing time for civic engagement as governments download life-sustaining work to the voluntary […]